Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beijing 2010 Student Conference

It has been a while since my last post and there's a few things to cover.
Firstly, I'm off to Beijing on Wednesday. About a month ago, an email went out to all the PhD students at the institute asking for anyone who'd be interested in going to present a 10 minute talk about what we do in China in exchange for an all expenses paid 6-day stay and tour around the city of Beijing. I put my hand up, and was pretty skeptical because it all sounded too good to be true based on the sketchy details in the email. Much to my surprise the offer was legitimate.
The Graduate University of Chinease Acadamy of Sciences (link - if you can read chinease!) is hosting the 2010 International Student Forum for its 2nd consecutive year. Last year it happened to be hosted at Griffith's Institute for Glycomics sparking a partnership between the two universities, and growing interest from other universities from around the world like Canada, and parts of Europe. There are 6 of us from the Institute (Southport Campus), and another 6 from Eskitis (Nathan Campus) going over.
- Flight bookings confirmed
- Visas being processed
- Banking and currency exchange figured out
- Preparing 10 minute presentation; Abstract, CV & Biography previously submitted
- Bought a video handycam to document the trip

Now that I've realised that I'll be going over with less than a week to go, I'm starting to get excited.

The basic itineary is as follows:
Thursday 23rd; Fly from Brisbane Domestic --> Sydney Domestic (Qantas Airways), Sydney International --> Beijing International Airport (Air China) (arrive Thursday morning) - Arrive Friday 24th

Then somehow we get here;

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Apparently we're going to meet the organisers at the airport, who will be transferring us taking us to our accomodation. I'm guessing we'll have the afternoon to ourselves.

The formal proceedings are:
Saturday, September 25th
• Arrival and registration at GUCAS
• Welcome reception dinner (pm)

Sunday, September 26th
• Visit the Great Wall

Monday, September 27th

• Opening ceremony
• Presentation Session 1
• Presentation Session 2
• Evening Party (GUCAS ,International Students and International
experts together)

Tuesday, September 28th
• Presentation Session 3
• Closing ceremony
• Visit the CAS Life Science Park
• Visit the National Stadium (Bird Nest) & Water Cube

Wednesday, September 29th
• Check Out and departure

Getting back to Brisneyland (via Sydney) on the 30th.