Saturday, June 26, 2010

June - A busy month

Well this month I haven't really had much time to put into the car, in fact I've been quite pre-occupied with a number of other activities. For example, I went down to Adelaide 2 weekends ago to visit Jessie's family. We spent most of the time out-of-town visiting the country side and staying with Jessies dad at Aldinga Beach:,135.745076&sspn=35.456013,79.013672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Aldinga+Beach+South+Australia&z=14

It seems that whoever I've talked to about going down to Adelaide seem rather negative about visiting the place - I beg to differ, in fact, I liked it and I wouldn't mind living down there if I do get into the Flinders school of medicine. On Saturday night we had dinner at the Willunga Peacock Farm, where I mostly ate pizza and drank myself into a stupour. Meanwhile I got to meet Richard Jasek, a director who has worked on a few popular TV series, movies and documentaries. We got talking about his latest documentary on the Bragg father and son team who won the Nobel Prize for their work in solid state physics and X-ray crystallography. I endeavoured to go see this the following day at the Royal Institute (the old stock-exchange building) in Adelaide. Unfortunately it was only being screened on weekdays. Despite the missed opportunity, it may yet to be screened on the ABC in the near future; so I'm looking forward to that.

Here are some pics of the trip;

Since coming back I've been busy with work at uni, my grandads funeral, and attending many, many birthday parties on the weekends.

Today Rick came over again and we hacked out the exhaust, bought a massive 2ft 'breaker' and 3cm socket part to removed the CV joints and loosen the primary engine mounts ready to be lifted out the top. We're considering buying an engine crane. We found one in coopers plains for about $250 rated up to 2T, which seems fairly decent. We also removed the condenser and power stearing pump to make it easier to remove the engine.

Only a few pics this week;

We are also going to start saving for a gasless MIG welder and angle grinder cutters. Once measured up I'm going to create some battery racks. I'll update soon once I've got the dimensions sorted out. I was also considering creating a few more stands and metal boxes for the workshop and a frame for a battery charger rack. Welders come in handy for virtually any project, so I figure it's a worthwhile investment.