Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Electric Vehicle

For a few years now I have been keen to convert an typical internal combustion engine (ICE) to a lean mean an electric vehicle. This week Rick and I decided to start putting words into action. We scored an old small car (a 04 model Holden Barina) off my parents and got it towed to my driveway this morning care of RACQ.
We haven't exactly got the right tools for the job just yet; for example, an engine crane and an angle grinder would come in handy. So we're dismantling the engine bit by bit over the coming weeks with a socket set, blood, sweat, and tears. Here's a shopping list of things we managed to do;
- Drained the engine of oil and the radiator of coolant.
- Detached (erm hacked away at) many of the connecting hoses and belts, distributor cables etc.
- Removed the heat shield, exhaust manifold, the alternator, & intake manifold.
- Removed the coolant tank.

We are also saving a bit of money to buy the parts for the car over the coming months. Once we have a clean working area and enough measurements we'll start ordering the parts.

Pics here:

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