Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd-4th

Well we've finally gone and got outselves an engine crane. I have uploaded a few pics of its construction. It's red, it's big and I can't stop looking at it - probably my new favourite tool in the workshop, surpassing the mighty breaker bar we purchased last week.

We've been shopping around a bit, only to be dissapointed with the outstandingly high prices of most retail stores. We ended up going out to Archerfield to Hare & Forbes Machinery House. That place has some of the most awesome drills, turning equipment and band-saws I've ever seen. One turner big enough to mount the barina onto it, crush and turn it into a bowling ball. We settled on the 1 ton engine hoist ($247.50) and threw in an 750kg engine tiller ($38.50). Went to bunnings to purchase a couple of D-shackles and 4m of galvanised chain (totalling to $46.36 (with 20% discount)).

Anyway, today is the day - it's a milestone as this symbolises a mutany against the internal combustion engine.

We've wrapped the 4m chain twice around the engine, loaded the tensioner to about 1:2 ratio to account for the additional weight in the transmission box. Took some measurements to ensure we've got enough space between the engine, the chassis and the roof when we hoist - made some adjustments, hacksawed out chunks of the battery holder (even though completely unescessary).

The result is epic;

Afterwards we started cleaning the engine

From EV 4_7_10

Everything looked pretty good until we realised the mess we left in the driveway. After a good hour of cleaning that other mess, re-shuffling the garage, we decided to call it a day. Beers all round!

This weekend has been reasonably productive. We've started preparing the house for Jessies 21st B'day party coming up this Friday. Everything is nearly in place;
- Balloons
- Guests
- Fancy Dress (Disney Theme - Jessies choice...)
- Lighting
- Tables and Chairs
- Music
- Food

I've started uploading a couple of progressive pics of the preparation. Hilarity ensues as I attempt to transform a HAZMAT suit into a dalmation costume.

P.s. A shoutout; Happy 22nd B'day to Pipi Cat & Rick!! You Guys rock :)

I look forward to next weekend!

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